Monday, March 15, 2010

I'm looking forward to spring break.

I'm going to break one of the first rules of blogging. I'm posting a blog to let you know that I'm going to post a blog. I've been working on a blog about Bali, but as expected, there are very many details that have slipped into the recesses of my mind. I do plan on posting it soon.

School has gone well. I've been studying for exams, which I am taking all this week. I have been experiencing a lot of tension headaches lately...the ones that go around the back of the base of my skull. If I close my eyes and relax for a minute, they go away fairly quickly. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that I've been burning the candle at both ends with school, work and play. You're right. Fortunately, though, my priorities have been in order, and I feel confident about my exams.

I will be spending a few days in Pensacola to visit with my friends Devin and Jeff during spring break. I am leaving next Saturday, coming back on Wednesday, when I will be whisked away to parts unknown for some serious rest and relaxation with David. I am so looking forward to Friday afternoon when exams are over, and I can think about putting stress aside for a short while.

My Camry has not gotten away from me yet. I thought I'd mention that. I learned how to shift into neutral the first day. :D

And Jerry, you're right. I can find the snooze button in the dark, eyes closed, half asleep from 3 feet away, yet unable to find the keys I know are in my pocket! Now I'll go measure my thumb. Second thought, maybe I better not!

I'll close with a question. What in the world is an egg cream?